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Services for mothers

Nourri-Source Laurentides offers nursing mothers educational tools developed in collaboration with Kimberley Mackenzie, a lactation consultant, and shares the breastfeeding posters from the Nourri-Source Federation. The organization also offers complementary equipment to breastfeeding.

Start breastfeeding well

Skin to skin at birth

Skin-to-skin stabilizes the baby’s temperature, heart rate and provides access to the breast to facilitate breastfeeding. Skin-to-skin babies cry less. Place your baby skin to skin from birth for the first 1-2 hours.

During the first days hold baby skin to skin often and for a long time. Savor these moments!

A small amount of milk is enough

Your first milk, called colostrum, is more than enough for the baby. His stomach is not ready for a lot of milk yet. This precious colostrum stimulates the intestines, prepares is digestive system and provides it with a good dose of antibodies.

Frequent feedings

Stimulating the breast well the first few days is key to ensuring adequate production thereafter. Offer the breast as soon as possible after birth and then whenever it shows signs of alertness.

Avoid pacifiers and bottles.

Ask for breastfeeding assistance.

Effective breastfeeding is not painful. If you have pain, contact your godmother or a breastfeeding professional who can work with you to find out the possible causes of your pain. Don’t wait !

Pompe NatureBond


Mothers with a breastfeeding coach can get a NatureBond™ for only $10 (regular price $22.99 when purchased on the NatureBond™ website)

To get a NatureBond™, the mother must order it here. Once the purchase is complete, we will contact you to define the procedure to collect your purchase online. Please note that no delivery is possible. However, we have drop-off points in various towns in the Laurentians.

  • Saint-Jérôme
  • Saint-Eustache
  • Mont-Tremblant
  • Lachute
  • Boisbriand

The NatureBond™ suction pump allows the milk from one breast to be easily collected at the same time as the baby is feeding at the other one.

While this suction pump does not empty the breast completely, it will easily help to relieve your breasts.

Made from silicone-free food-grade BPA, the NatureBond™ carries no risks for you or your baby.
For more information, visit

Click here to request a breastfeeding coach

This service is reserved for mothers in the Laurentians who have a breastfeeding coach.

No delivery
Drop-off service available.

Maman Kangourou stretch scarves

Maman Kangourou stretch scarves are essential from birth (8 lbs) in order to create a close bond with your child. Skin to skin is known for its many benefits in the babywearing environment, but also in the hospital environment.

In addition, a babywearing workshop is offered to the mothers of Nourri-Source Laurentides every year. We invite you to consult the calendar of activities

Respite coupons

In order to support breastfeeding families when the newborn arrives, Nourri-Source Laurentides has developed respite coupons. These coupons are good actions that families can receive as a gift by their entourage to allow them to rest.*The coupon is only available in French for the moment.