Breast pump rental

Nourri-Source Laurentides offers the rental of hospital grade Ameda Elite breast pumps for its customers. The rental must be accompanied by a request to be paired with a breastfeeding coach. The breastfeeding coach is present to answer the mother’s questions about the use of the breast pump or to answer the breastfeeding questions.

Introducing Ameda’s Elite Breast Pump, affectionately known as Berta, available for short, medium or long term rental.

Daily rental: $3;
Weekly rental: $15;
Monthly rental: $55;
Double pumping set: $70,
Other equipments available at the office.
A $50 deposit is required in cash.

The maintenance guide allows the mother to know :

  1. what’s in the box ;
  2. what she needs to use the Elite breast pump ;
  3. the equipment available at Nourri-Source Laurentides ;
  4. how to use the breast pump ;
  5. how the Higienikit works ;
  6. how to adjust her breast flange ;
  7. how to clean the higienikit and to know the standards for storing breast milk.

You are a family living with financial problems and you have specific needs for the rental of a breast pump or need for breastfeeding equipment, we invite you to contact our team by email to discuss it at [email protected] .